Frogwart Casts a Spell
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Frogwart was standing there, waving her wand over the Easter Eggs. Tippity laughed because her tricky sister must have rung the bell and then slipped into the kitchen through the back door. She also guessed that Frogwart was doing something tricky to the eggs.

"What are you up to, my rascally dear?" asked Tippity.

"Whatever do you mean, Tips?" replied Frogwart. "I'm just putting a freshness spell on your pretty eggs so they won't go bad before the Easter Egg Hunt."

Tippity said, "That's very kind of you, Froggy," but she knew she would have to figure out what Frogwart had really done. Five children were coming to her house tomorrow to hunt for eggs and she didn't want them to be disappointed because of one of Frogwart's tricks.

Copyright 2008, Jerry Jindrich. All rights reserved.