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And so it went until the night Grizundle, one of the older Tooth Fairies reached under a fisherman's pillow and was nearly crushed when he began to flop around in his sleep like a big tuna fish and smashed an arm down on top of her. She wriggled free and fluttered back to to the middle of the forest where the Tooth Fairies met each night to count the teeth they collected.

"I think I'll retire now," she told Fiona, the Tooth Fairy Superior. "I've collected a lot of teeth over the years and I'm pretty well worn out. That man could have squished me like a bug. This is a job for younger fairies."

Fiona was glad that Grizundle was not seriously hurt but she was not happy about having to find and train someone new. The next morning, she placed an ad in the Meddybemps Fun Times newspaper.

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