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That evening, after the other Tooth Fairies had flown off to look under all the pillows on Meddybemps, Fiona mumbled to herself, "No one in her right mind would apply for this job."

Out of the darkness, a sweet little voice said, "Oh, I've wanted to be a Tooth Fairy since I was a tiny girl. I'll work hard. You'll see. I'll be the best Tooth Fairy there ever was! My name is Frog-... Frogetta. Please call me Froggie."

"Step into the moonlight, my dear," said Fiona. "Let me see you."

Frogwart had disguised herself to look like a teenage girl. "She's frightfully big for a Tooth Fairy," thought Fiona, "but she might be less likely to be crushed by fishermen who flop around like tunas."

They talked for a while. Fiona learned what she could about Froggie. There was something a little odd about her, but she was very eager and Fiona was desperate. When the other fairies returned, Fiona introduced them to Froggie, the new Tooth Fairy Trainee. Froggie curtsied politely and giggled.

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