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Soon it was time to meet with all the other Tooth Fairies to count teeth. One by one, they dumped their little bags of teeth until it was Froggie's turn. "I found no teeth," she smiled, "but I had a great time doing people's hair!"

"You did what, Froggie?" gasped Fiona. The Tooth Fairy Superior turned white as a ghost.

"Sorry. Couldn't help myself. You silly geese need to give up all this Tooth Fairy business, anyway. Nobody needs you anymore. And my name isn't Froggie." She threw off her disguise and laughed her wicked laugh. "It's Frogwart!" She laughed again and vanished in a puff of smoke and sparkles.

The Tooth Fairies were speechless. Nobody made a sound. Then they began to hear the howling and shouting and dogs barking. All kinds of pitiful sounds were coming from the houses Frogwart had visited. The Tooth Fairies peeked in windows to see what was happening.

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