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"Actually, Frogwart, I'm going to give you the Royal Meddybemps Gold Medal for Good Deeds, but not for what you think you've done." Frogwart and the Tooth Fairies looked confused.

The Queen explained,"Everyone Frogwart visited last night is surprisingly cheerful today. When they got over the shock of seeing the frightful mess she made of their hair, they all had a good laugh."

Since you Tooth Fairies go to every house every night anyway, I command you to fiddle with people's hair while they sleep from this night forward!" Frogwart and the Tooth Fairies were stunned.

The Queen contined, "This will give people something to laugh about every day. Also, if they know their hair will be messy in the morning no matter what they do to protect it during the night, they will relax and sleep better and feel rested when they get up. They won't be grumpy because of their silly hairdos anymore."

She smiled her royal smile. "And neither will I."

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