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"So, Frogwart," said the Queen, "while you tried to play one of your tricks on the Tooth Fairies, you have actually done a great service to the people of Meddybemps. Your 'punishment' will be to wear this medal every day for a year. Everyone who sees you will know you did something good for them, and when you look in the mirror, you will be reminded that you can do good deeds." Frogwart blushed.

The Queen turned to the Tooth Fairies. "You don't need to worry about losing your jobs ever again. As long as people have teeth and hair, we will need Tooth Fairies." The Fairies were very happy.

The Queen winked at Marigold and added, "When you come to the castle tonight and from now on, please be creative. I would like to start every day with a good laugh!"

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