Spooky Dreams Halloween Cottages
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A long time ago, before motels were invented, travelers often stayed in clusters of little cottages along the roadside. You rarely see these quaint Motor Courts along busy Interstate highways, but you might find one if you drive down an old country highway. Some are still in good shape and they might be fun to stay in.

If you need a place to sleep and on a dark Halloween night, however, you probably shouldn't stop at the Spooky Dreams Cottages. As you can see, there are some very unusual guests that you might want to avoid.

If you're looking for some creepy little Halloween decorations or some spooky cottages to go with a little train set, these easy-to-assemble paper buildings are just the ticket. Click on the individual buildings shown above to see complete pdf files. Print them on a nice, heavy stock. Cut out and fold together, and you will have your own set of Spooky Dreams Cottages.

New for 2012: Just across the street, you'll find the Last Cance Cafe and an Outa Gas Station. They're looking a little run down, but they belong in the neighborhood, don't you think? Happy Halloween!

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2012 Additions: Last Chance Cafe | Outa Gas Station

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