Meddybemps Miniature Village
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Print and assemble colorful buildings to go with your child's wooden trains.

Our grandchildren spent countless hours playing with Brio(TM) and Thomas & Friends(TM) wooden trains. Like other parents and grandparents, we bought several of the railroad accessory structures that these companies make. They are sturdy, long-lasting, and offer good play value but they are also expensive. Their cost keeps most of us from purchasing more than just a few.

While researching the history of toymaking, we noticed that paper cutouts have long been a popular and inexpensive way to build toys. So, we thought, why not design some little buildings children could use with their wooden trains? And, since today's ink-jet printers can produce high-quality color prints on sturdy paper, why not create downloadable files so people can print and build their own?

So, we created the Meddybemps Miniature Village, a collection of 50 different buildings that are just the right size to use with little wooden trains. Oh, and one more thing: they're FREE from Chateau Meddybemps.

Cheery Pies
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Each building is presented as a pdf file and will print out on one (or sometimes two or three) 8.5 by 11 inch sheets of paper. Heavy weight (68 lb or similar) glossy photo paper is best and will produce bright colors. 24 lb plain paper will do and is also good for making practice buildings. For best results, be sure to check your printer's manual to see if you need to change settings to print on photo paper or heavy matte paper stock.

Follow outlines to cut buildings out. Cut slits for tabs where shown. Fold flaps, tabs, and corners to see how it fits together. Tabs hold the buildings together fairly well. Use tape or glue for permanent assembly. All buildings except the train station and platform now use several tabs and large bottom flaps to make assembly easier.

Please do a test print on plain paper to make sure your printer will print the entire image. Printers vary in how much margin is left on the sides. If your printer cuts off any of the image (often the far right edge), print at 90 or 95 percent of the original size.
A word of caution: We recommend that you keep ink jet and laser prints out of the hands of infants and very small children. There are no warnings on the ink cartridges we use, but inks and toners are made from a variety of chemicals that may not be good for children to get into their mouths.
Surfing Pelican Shop Beach People Smiling Startfish Shop Big Dog Snack Shop Lifeguard Stand Changing Rooms & Restrooms
Grocery Store Muffin Man Bakery Bobby's Busy Bakery Ice Cream Stand Pepper's Only Pizza
Valentines Messages Valentines Booth Antiques Shop Candy Factory Video Game Shop bank Fashion Shop Flower Shop Music Shop Pet Shop
Outa Gas Station Last Chance Cafe Engine Shed Railroad Signal Tower Platform and Signs Railroad Station
Post office Doctor's Office Nutritionist Christmas Tree Farm Shack Pumpkin Stand Fruit Stand Fire Station Dentist's Office Police Station
Crocodiles and Fence Plants Filling Station
Age of Aquariums Cottage Haunted Mouse Cottage Oldilock's Cottage Spooky Dreams Office Pastries & Cakes Hot Drinks Toys Wooden Gifts Wood Carvers
The Bean Cellar Cheery Pies Library
Mrs. Gardener's House Village Church Village Church Blank Building
More People City People
Park People 1 Park People 2
Vehicles 2 Vehicles 1

Some of these buildings are related to games and learning activities elsewhere on For example, you can...

Put toppings on pizzas at Pepper's Only Pizza.

Decorate cakes and arrange display windows at Bobby's Busy Bakery.

Arrange flowers at Merry Tulip's flower shop.

Help customers pick pets in the Pet Shop.

Pick out a tree at a Christmas tree farm and decorate it.

Learn about German Christmas Markets.

Play a color matching game at the Jolly Penguin ice cream stand.

Best of all, you can have fun without spending lots of money.

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