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Chateau Meddybemps was created for two reasons:

1. (The serious reason) To enable parents and teachers to help young children strengthen learning skills in unique and playful ways.

Rather than provide level after level of a particular type of activity, we simply encourage parents to use our site to explore the fun in learning. Discuss this. Play with that. Answer a riddle. Learn about letters of the alphabet. Count, color and create. Write a story.
In all these activities, skills overlap. A child builds self-confidence, develops new abilities and enjoys learning.
By using this site, you can participate, guide and share in the pleasures of discovery. By following this model, you can build skills using all sorts of materials in your child's environment. You will also strengthen the bond between you by sharing experiences.
We recommend that you read the Parent's Guide or Teacher's Guide in our companion site www.meddybempsguide.com.
These guides:
1. Explain how children learn
2. Describe the sequence of skills development
3. Compare a variety of skill-building tools
4. Tell you how to make learning fun
When you have appropriate expectations, working with your child will be a rewarding experience for parents and caregivers (educators know this already). Building skills takes time, but you will see progress and your child will be much more likely to succeed in school.
2. (The playful reason) To share the characters and stories of the island of Meddybemps - because they're just too much fun to keep all to ourselves.

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