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Bill's Clockworks

Protective Coloration Quiz

Miniature Village Buildings

Fun With Clouds
Carve pumpkins Compass Rosie Fun with Sea Shells Enjoy a circus Light Show Six Spooky Spells Work puzzles Decorate eggs Pet shop Flower shop Magic Paint Brush

Engaging topics and playful pages appeal to people of all ages.

You cause things to happen on many of these pages. Help Frogwart Witchet cast six silly spells. Help pet shop customers choose and collect animals. Arrange flowers or decorate Easter eggs. Find the 22 ghosts on the Ghost Ship Compass Rosie. It's all light-hearted fun for everyone from preschoolers to grandparents.

Some activities require a Flash Player. Many newer computers will have this installed already. If you don't have Flash, you can download the Player free from Adobe here.

Interactive Fun and other Delights
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Playful Tasks
Make Pizzas*
Decorate Cakes*
Arrange Bakery Window*
Help Customers Choose Pets*
Arrange Flowers*
Experiment with Teeter Totter
Collect Easter Eggs*
Decorate Eggs*
Decorate Eggs w/Magic
Sort Fish*
"Carve" Pumpkins (Whole faces)*
"Carve" Pumpkins (Face parts)*
Sort Pumpkins *
Pet Prarie Dogs
Work Puzzles*
Bowl with a Monkey
Adventure & Discovery
Nature Notebook
Visit Australia with Pirates
Ride on a Real Steam Train
Go on a Ghost Walk
Find Sea Shells
Dive in the Deep Blue Sea
Go Down in a Mini-sub
Watch Deep Blue Sea Videos
Activate a Holiday Light Show
Tour a Ghost Ship
Travel Treasures
Bill's Clockworks
Moon Marble Company
Interactive Stories
Pigmoose on the Loose
Pigmoose on the Loose, Again
Pigmoose's Halloween Surprise
Halloween Costumes for
Edgar and Andrew
Inspiration and Creative Tools
Young Writer's Workshop
Creative Workshop
Paint with a Magic Brush**
Spring Colors
Miscellaneous Delights
Fun with Clouds
Help Frogwart Cast Spells
Build a Minature Village
Enjoy a Little Circus
Collapsing Critters Toys
Watch Animated Cuckoo Clock
Meet Beano Sapiens
*Requires a Flash 4 Player (or higher)
**Requires Flash 6 Player

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