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animated butterfly
It has been a very long winter.

Here is a little taste of Spring to cheer you up.

March suggestions
image of an egg
image of an egg carton
Use this magic egg carton as a gateway to more Easter Egg-tivities including an interactive Easter egg hunt.
this is for all ages
people looking at cloud shapes
Exercise your imagination with our cloud photos. Compare what you see to what we saw. Lots of fun!
this is for all ages
Just the right size to go with those little wooden trains. Free and easy to print, cut, and fold together. Almost all buildings now use tabs to make assembly easier. 40 designs!
this is for all ages
All Aboard!
Hop on for great activities, lore, videos and links. Lots of new content!
this is for children in preschool and primary grades
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Be a Zoo Planner. Pick homes for 18 animals. Then put up signs and guide vistors through your zoo.
this is for children in preschool and primary grades
Tippity Witchet Swimming Going to the beach is like going on a treasure hunt. Search for sea shells and learn about the creatures who make them. Discover sea urchins, sand dollars and more. Our Fun With Sea Shells has been refreshed and enlarged. It's a treat for everyone.
this is for all ages
Learn how heavy different animals are with our Teeter Totter Experiments.
this is for children in preschool and primary grades
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Safari pages are here
Join Jeremy and Nicole on Safari in South Africa. Meet wild animals in their native habitats. See super photos and learn about 18 beautiful animals.
this is for all ages
Encourage creativity by having your child dictate or write endings for our Story Starters.
this is for children in preschool and primary grades
image of Itsy Bitsy Spider
Ride a wave with Itsy Bitsy Spider. Discover what else happened when the cow jumped over the moon. Enjoy 3 different age-appropriate versions of six classic rhymes. Create your own.
this is for children in preschool and primary grades
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