Many towns and cities around the the world sponsor "ghost walks". Guides lead nighttime tours of old neighborhoods and tell spooky tales about some of the homes and shops along the way.

We've finished our Halloween Ghost Walk for children. It has monsters, ghosts, and skeletons but it's fun, not scary. When you get to Frogwart's Cottage, you can even help her cast magic spells.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Take this quick test to see if your Internet browser will display the special effects we've used. Move your cursor over the pumpkin shown below. If its eyes light up, click on the pumpkin and go on to the Meddybemps Ghost Walk. If nothing happens, install the latest version of your browser or look at these pages on a computer that can display the special effects.

AN EXPLANATION: Our Ghost Walk uses gif animations and a new function called a rollover. Unfortunately, rollovers only work with Netscape 3.0 and later and Internet Explorer 4. Sadly, they will not work with Explorer 3 and AOL's browser.

We apologize to anyone whose browser doesn't display this function but we had to start using it. It makes these pages easy to load and highly interactive. When you see it in action, you'll agree.

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