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Select a topic below to learn how to take an active role in your children's development.

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On our Fun and Games page, you'll see links to the following pages in both the far left and far right columns. These pages list activities on the site that are most appropriate for the named age groups. If you've forgotten where something was, this is a good visual guide to help you find it again.
Activity Centers
Preschool Favorites
Preschool and Primary
Fun for All Ages
Older Kids and Adults
Refer to our Learning Skills Guide for a listing of our activities and the types of development each one promotes.
Additional Resources for Teachers (from the Parents Guide):
Book Lists & Reviews
More About Learning
15 Ways to Help
The Big Cheese
Recommended Links

Another helpful tool comes in the form of this book from the International Society for Technology in Education. Meddybemps.com was named as one of the top Language Arts sites in 101 Best Web Sites for Elementary Teachers. Click on the image to learn more about the book and for ordering information.


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