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(Proper Preparation Will Pay Off)
Getting Started
Practice Bean Watching by observing friends and relatives (act relaxed and don't tell them what you're up to). Make mental notes about their appearance and behavior. Study the way they eat and move about. See how they interact. Compare them with the Beano Sapiens described in these pages.
When you feel that you're ready, pick a quiet table in a fast food restaurant or a mall food court and settle in for an hour or two. This will be a lot like sitting in front of a bird feeder so be patient. It takes time to learn how to observe without alarming your subjects.
You may refer to this guide often at first. Everyone does. But, after just a few outings, you'll only need it to identify odd strangers that wander into your part of the country. Before long, you'll be strolling confidently though the malls of America, exchanging knowing winks with your new Beaner friends, and adding Bean after Bean to your life list.
Top Tips
Remember: skillful watchers melt into their surroundings. Wear appropriate attire. If you walk into Victoria's Secret dressed like a duck hunter, everyone will notice. Dress up for the opera. Dress down for the mall.
Do stay relaxed (and don't giggle). Excited or nervous behavior may be sensed by mature beans.
Do approach from downwind when outdoors. Indoors, it can be helpful to mask your scent with a fragrant bag of french fries.
Don't point. Official "Otto" Bean Society Watching Rules state that you can't add any bean to your life list if you startle or disturb it in any way.
Don't just drive to the mall and hang out in the hopes that something interesting will walk by. Study this guide. Familiarize yourself with the beans you're likely to see. Attend "Otto" Bean Society workshops or check your library for Society videos and cassette tapes. Learn from experienced beaners. You'll be a better and more successful beaner.
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