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(Essential Gear)
In addition to proper attire, experienced beaners pack the right stuff. Below, you'll find a list of the most popular paraphernalia.
Indistinguishable from ordinary binoculars, these scientific wonders incorporate ultra-sensitive infrared scanning devices to help you spot Beano Sapiens under difficult conditions.
Beanie Hawkeye Camera
Retro-style box camera for recording once-in-a-lifetime moments in the field. Optional telephoto lenses and tripod offer the versatility serious beaners demand.
El Al Bean Bags
Jet setting beaners swear by these indestructible canvas carry-alls from the famous airline/outdoor fashion house. Plenty of pockets for cameras, rain gear, change of clothes, and personal items. Available in many sizes and shapes. Colors include Sahara Sand, Bleached Blonde, St. Andrews 12th Green, Cincinnati Red, and Ebeany.
Official Bean Scout Handbook
The ultimate guide to outdoor bean watching and camping. Remember those chilly nights and ghost stories told around crackling beanfires? Latest edition has new chapter on Office Park, Shopping Mall, and Convenience Store watching.
"I wouldna' bean without it!" - Scotty, the Old Scoutmaster
Cellular Phone
Indespensible for immediate reporting of a rare sighting, for emergency calls (should a bean turn on you), and for ordering hot pizza.
Swiss Beaner's Knife
A whole toolbox in your pocket. From auto repair to outpatient surgery, every tool you're ever likely to need is buried somewhere in this stainless steel and red plastic marvel. "Highly recommended."
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