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Lore of the Bean
Beano Sapiens
Beans in History
Screen Beans

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... . ... The Lore of the Bean
This area contains a collection of light-hearted and generally useless snippets of information about jelly beans. Through the very great kindness of the Royal Order of Vintage Jelly Bean Connoisseurs and Sir Anthony Fructose-Pectin, the Standing Grand High Beanie, I was permitted to draw from the bountiful R.O.V.J.B.C. Archives and from Sir Anthony's many memorable speeches and brilliant articles on the subject.
Long recognized as a leading authority, Sir Anthony has always been eager to share his broad knowledge of the Bean Trade with anyone displaying even a smidgeon of interest. This bean-vivant's vast experience and formidable skills as a bean taster to the royal families of Meddybemps, his lucid insights into the frequently unfathomable realm of The Bean, and the hundreds of hours he shared with me in his exquisite personal bean cellar made this a "tasty" project indeed. - J.J.
CAUTION! PROCEED AT YOUR OWN RISK. This is pretty silly stuff. The management will accept no responsibility for giggles.
Beano Sapiens (TM) - An alternate view of the origin of Beano Sapiens. You decide.
Beans in History - The Beanzantine Empire, The Beanaissance, and much, much more.
Screen Beans - Reviews of classic "Bean" Movies like Bean Hur and Clan of the Cave Bean.
Bean Speak - Unforgettable quotes.
BeanMusik - Unforgettable tunes.
Glossary of Scientific and Cultural Terminology - Includes foreign terms, some illustrations.
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