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"Once upon a time, on the Island of Meddybemps..."
On warm, sunny afternoons, you're likely to find children knocking on the door of Tippity Witchet's windmill house asking her to tell them a Beantime Story.
Tippity is always happy to see them. She invites the children to pick ripe jellybeans from her garden to eat while she tells her tales.
You should find a comfy place to sit and join them to hear some of their favorite stories. Tippity might even recite a poem or two.
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Big News! All-time favorite Frogwart and the Tooth Fairies has new illustrations. This story first appeared in 1996, when computer screen sizes and resolutions were smaller. The original artwork looked pretty small on modern computers and tablets. Jerry reworked the art and the results are spectacular!

Ftrogwart and the Easter Eggs
Frogwart and the Tooth Fairies
Frogwart and the Painted Airplane
Tippity Witchet's Fish Ditty
Invening Day Rhyme
Legend of Chateau Meddybemps
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Spring Flower Show
Red Wrinkler Story
Two Brave Pixies
Pixie Video
Ice Dragon Story
How I Discovered Garden Pixies
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Kiss KrinkleStory
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Three Pumpkin Pirates
Pirate Video
Three Pumpkin Pirates Back for More
Compass Rosie Legend
Alaska Voyage
Note to parents and teachers: would you like to expand your children's vocabularies in a playful new way? Our
Word Puppies approach is fun (and free).

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Art Is For Everyone Story
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But That Wasn't The Best Part
Pero eso no fue la mejor parte
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Classic Rhymes and More
Little Boy Blue
Infants and Toddlers | Children 3-5 | Children 5-8
Itsy Bitsy Spider Infants and Toddlers | Children 3-5 | Children 5-8
Jack and Jill Infants and Toddlers | Children 3-5 | Children 5-8
Hey, Diddle, Diddle Infants and Toddlers | Children 3-5 | Children 5-8
Little Miss Muffet Infants and Toddlers | Children 3-5 | Children 5-8
Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star Infants and Toddlers | Children 3-5 | Children 5-8

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Edgar's Easter Eggs
Paper Chain Story
Halloween Costumes Story
Ghoul Bus Story
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Pigmoose on the Loose
Pigmoose on the Loose, Again!
Pigmoose's Halloween Surprise
It's Hard to Hide a Pigmoose
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Shapes with Harry and Larry
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Thanksgiving Turkey Surprise
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Please note: most of these stories do not include audio files. Please read them aloud to young children who cannot read for themselves. Watching you read aloud helps their language development more than listening to recorded stories.
We recently did create video versions of Two Brave Pixies and Three Pumpkin Pirates and uploaded them to YouTube to attract visitors to Earlier in 2010 we partnered with Reading Rhino to bring an interactive version of But That Wasn't The Best Part to the iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad with optional narration and sound effects.
Share these presentations with children, but keep reading to them as well. Listen to Susan's enthusiastic readings. Read stories to yourself before you read to children. Then read them with energy and enthusiasm. Your children will love it and they will want to become good readers, too.

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