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... . ... Here is a collection of simple activities designed to help your child improve her learning skills. Do them with your child in a casual, no-pressure manner. Let her learn at a pace that's comfortable for her and you will both have fun.
Each activity contributes to one or more types of early childhood development and will help prepare your child for future learning.
PLEASE NOTE: Some activities are part of different Fun & Games areas such as Clockworks and The Deep Blue Sea. To return to this page quickly from one of those pages, either use your "Back" button or click on the red "Fun & Games" at the top of any activity page. Then click on the Learning Games button. That will bring you back here.
Shapes with Harry and Larry
Weight, Length and Size
Steam Engines, Big and Small
Teeter Totter Experiments
How Long Is That Train?
Transportation Riddles NEW
Animal Riddles
Working with Color
Sort Leaves by Color Flash
Spring Colors
Fall Colors
Magic Paint Brush Flash
(Draw on screen in color!)
Crocodile Smiles ENLARGED
A Rainbow of Frogs ENLARGED
Match Colors of Fish
Spots, Stripes, Squiggles
and Whatnots
(Print and color)
Sea Shells (Print and color)
Missing Letter/Busy Letter
Count and Sort Leaves Flash
Animal Count
Easter Egg Hunt Flash
Easy Fish Counter
Weebit's Automatic Fish Counter (Compare your counting skills with Weebit's invention)
More Fish Counter
Count and Sort Pumpkins Flash
Spatial Concepts
30+ pages of examples
Print animals for hands-on positioning
Moveable Animals With Dog House Flash
Moveable Animals (Different Sizes) Flash
Moveable Birds Flash
A Game of Opposites
Match Leaf shapes
Mixed-Up Nutcrackers
Jolly Penguin Ice Cream ENLARGED
Click-Me Creature
Sizes of Eggs
Fun With Hats
Cars and Trucks
6-Card Matching Game Flash
8-Card Matching Game Flash
Match Colors of Fish
Main Page
Simple Animal Puzzle Flash
Pirates Flash
Reef Scene Flash
Fire Engine Flash
Train Flash
Big Truck Flash
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... . ...
Make Pizza Faces Flash
Creative Workshop
Writing and Reading
African Safari NEW
Fun with Boats and Ships NEW
Missing Letter/Busy Letter
Word Puppies
Rhymes and Reasons
Nature Notebook ENLARGED
Tippity's Beach Snaps
Alphabet Practice Pad Flash
Writing Guide Flash
(Spinner, the Writing Spider)
Fun with Letters
(Alphabet Soup Cafe)
Young Writer's Workshop
RR Names & Colors
What's in those cars?
Language Skills
The Less and Fewer Game
A Game of Opposites
Translatable Garden Pixie Story
(Twelve language choices)
Translatable Pigmoose Story
(Twelve language choices)
Banana Parade Story
(Spanish Language Version)
Observation and Discussion
African Safari NEW
Fun with Boats and Ships NEW
Fun With Trains ENLARGED
Fun with Clouds
Pigmoose's Protective
Coloration Game
Bouncing Beach Surprise
Spring Colors
Nature Notebook ENLARGED
Who Is Riding In That
Passenger Train?
Frogwart's Favorite Photos
Fun With Sea Shells ENLARGED
Egg Layers Quiz
Fun With Fire Engines
Fun in the Deep Blue Sea
Holiday Light Show
Emotions/Making Faces
Make Pizza Faces Flash
Silly Clowns
"Carve" Pumpkin Faces Flash
Small Motor Skills (Controlling a mouse)
Zoo Planner Flash
Sort Leaves Flash
Zip Around the Yard Flash
Magic Paint Brush Flash
(Draw on screen in color!)
Easter Egg Hunt Flash
Decorate Easter Eggs Flash
Decorate Eggs w/Magic
Pizzeria (Make Pizzas) Flash
Bakery (Arrange Window) Flash
Bakery (Decorate Cakes) Flash
Pet Shop (Help Customers) Flash
Flower Shop (Arrange Flowers) Flash
Sorting Fish Flash
Pet The Prarie Dog
Collapsing Critters
Talking Dolls
Halloween Ghostwalk ENLARGED
"Carve" Pumpkins (Whole faces) Flash
"Carve" Pumpkins (Face parts) Flash
Sort Pumpkins Flash
Light Lanterns Flash
Pirate Maze Flash
(See Puzzles for more motor skills activities)
For more about helping your child learn, see our Parent's Guide. It explains the sequence of development that all children must go through and gives you lots of ways to help them. You are your child's first and best teacher. Here are some great tools for you.
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