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White Spacer One day the Three Pumpkin Pirates received a letter from a teacher named Mrs. Bailey. She invited them to speak to her class about boats and ships. The Pirates thought it would be fun but they wondered what the children would like to know.

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White Spacer "How about naming all the different parts of a ship," asked Tattie Boggle, as he looked around and began to write down the names of things. White Spacer White Spacer "How about showing pictures of different kinds of ships," asked Slim, as he looked through a collection of photographs taken with his old-fashioned camera. White Spacer White Spacer "How about explaining what makes boats and ships move through the water," asked Captain Redcoat as he compared models of a sailboat and a steamship.

In no time at all, they thought of way too many things to talk about. So they made a list of topics and let the children choose the ones they wanted to hear about the most.
White Spacer Their topics are shown in the column on the right side of this page. Click on anything that sounds interesting to you and one of the Three Pumpkin Pirates will be happy to explain it to you. More topics will be added in coming months.

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