Inventing Day Invitation Rhyme
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People invent things to do this and that
Machines to pile high and machines to make flat,

Gadgets for kitchens and gizmos for schools,
Dohickies for plumbers to add to their tools,

Whizbang devices to see if you're healthy,
Costly amusements for those who are wealthy,

Microscopic computors built into your phone,
Dog and cat robots so you won't be alone,

Engineered foods with odd textures and taste,
Recycling plants to cut down on waste,

Ways to make energy from the wind and the sun,
Whimsical playthings so we can have fun,

New media to play on our media machines,
Movies and TV on e-normous screens.

So now we replace the old, worn, and dented
With mountains of cool stuff that's newly invented.

Perhaps you have ideas for wonderful things
With sails or wheels or high flapping wings,

Maybe widgets that sing or light up at night
Or video cameras attached to a kite.

You must have ideas no one else ever thought,
Write them down now while the thought is still hot.

Think of the things that you can make better.
Send us a sketch with our official form letter.

We'll put it with others from children your age
And select one to show on our special Web page.

"Hooray! Hooray!," your friends will all say
When we praise your idea on Inventing Day!

The End.

Sound like fun?

Inventing Day happens now and then on the island of Meddybemps and now on Children in three age groups are invited to invent practical, whimsical, or just plain goofy inventions. We pick some and publish them on the site and send Inventing Day T-shirts to the chosen inventors.

Today is neither now nor then. There is no Inventing Day scheduled at this time.

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Copyright 2008, Jerry Jindrich. All rights reserved.