The Jolly Penguin's Ice Cream Matching Game
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Can you match names and colors of the Jolly Penguin's 27 delicious ice cream flavors?

This is a simple matching game with three levels of difficulty. Print and cut out cards showing different ice cream cartons. Page 1 has easy to distinguish colors. Page two includes some colors that require a little more skill to match, especially when combined with the Page 1 set. Set 3 includes patterns and could be printed in black and white as well as color. Older children can match ice cream names when you print the pages in black and white.

There are nine cartons on each pdf page. Print two or more sets of each page for your matching activities.

Miniature Village Buildings
Ice Cram Page 1 Ice Cram Page 2 Ice Cram Page 3

Print, cut out, fold and tape together a Jolly Penguin Ice Cream Stand. See the Meddybemps Miniature Village paper buildings in the Fun with Trains area of our site.

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