A Game of Opposites
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A Game of Opposites is a simple and playful tool for helping young children build language skills. Each page shows a picture and a word. Invite children to name a word that means the opposite. Have them check their answers by moving the mouse pointer over the question mark. Discuss the meanings of words they find difficult. There is an example below and a menu of 40 words below that. Have fun! Quit when tired and play again later.

Near Open Bottom Dark Front Shut Light Far Top Back Tall Off Hard Over Little Low Shallow Apart Dry Empty Slow Short Down Short On High Big Wet Hot Inside Cold Together Deep Under Outside Fast Full Soft Up Long

long | full | under | cold | wet | on | short | dry | low | hard | up | fast | deep | inside | big
short | slow | apart | little | off | soft | outside | together | hot | high | down | empty | shallow
over | tall | back | top | far | light | shut | front | dark | bottom | open | near

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