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When I go to the seashore, I like to take photographs to share with you.

Click on the little pictures below to see lots of my snapshots ("snaps") of the interesting things I saw at the beach. There are also photos of unusual birds that live in places along the shore called mangrove forests. If you visited a beach or a mangrove forest, you might see some of these same things.

Enjoy the pictures. You might be surpised to see where herons build their nests, how coquinas get around, how crabs try to hide in the sand, who leaves all those tiny footprints in the sand, and much more.

Black-tailed Gull Photos Sanderling Photos Double-crested Cormorant Photos Osprey Photos Roseate Spoonbill Photos White Ibis Photos Heron Photos Great Egret Photos Reddish Egret Photos American White Pelican Photos Pelican Photos Pelican Fishing Photos
Mermaid's Purse & More Photos Coquina Photos Blue Crab Photos Ghost Crab Photos
Kangaroos at the Beach
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Learning about animals, plants and other things found in Nature is interesting and fun. A great way to remember what you have seen is to make notes and drawings or take photographs and put them into a Nature Notebook. You can easily make one. Click here for suggestions and some pages you can print to get started.

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