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As you may remember, Tippity Witchet loves to draw and paint. She is one of those people who enjoys all the colors in nature and she is always happy to see spring flowers blooming.

Sometimes she takes a drawing pad outdoors to make sketches in her garden. Sometimes she brings flowers in. Today, Tippity brought daffodils in and she is going to paint a picture for her Mom for Mother's Day.

Why don't you make a drawing or painting of flowers for your Mother or someone else who is special to you? I bet he or she would be very pleased. Colorful flowers make people feel cheerful.

Here are photographs of some beautiful spring flowers to give you ideas. Click on a picture to see more pictures of that kind of flower. Somtimes you will find additional colors and patterns. Some sets of pictures show how the flowers grow and open - a nice nature lesson. Notice how some flowers have unusual shapes and coloring.

You might also look around your home or in a nearby park for other kinds of flowers. Have fun!

Tulip Flowers Rose Flowers Redbud Flowers Iris Flowers Saucer Magnolia Flowers Hyacinth Flowers Daffodil Flowers Crabapple Flowers Columbine Flowers Cherry Flowers Bleeding Heart Flowers Azalea Flowers Apple Flowers

Use whatever art supplies you have to make your drawings or paintings. Here are two pages you can print and then draw on if you want to. One says, "I drew these flowers just for you!" The other says, "Happy Mother's Day!" These are pdf files and will take a few seconds to open. Remember to sign your artwork when you are finished.

Mother's Day Just for You
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