Teeter Totter Experiments
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This activity teaches the concepts of More Than, Less Than and The Same As.
It also invites children to predict an outcome.

Do these animals weigh more than you, less than you or the same as you?

You could weigh each one on a scale to learn how many pounds and ounces it weighs and then see if that's the same as or more than or less than you weigh. But let's try another way that might be more fun.

Marcus and Weebit Cuckoo are going to use a teeter totter. If an animal weighs more than Marcus, the animal will go down and Marcus will go up. If the animal weighs less than Marcus, the animal goes up and Marcus goes down. If the animal weighs the same as Marcus they will be balanced and neither will go up or down.

Each experiment begins with a picture like this one showing Weebit Cuckoo holding one end of the teeter totter. To make him let go, move your mouse over the teeter totter and see what happens. Try it.

Click on any animal below to begin the exeriments. Just for fun, pretend you're on the teeter totter instead of Marcus.

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