Engine Sizes
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How big is Big? How small is Small? Conductor Bill will show us different sizes of steam locomotives to help us see the difference.

The first one is small. Sometimes you find an locomotive of this size in a park or at a zoo, pulling small passenger cars full of happy children and a few smiling grown-ups, too. Scroll down the page to see more.

Next is a smaller locomotive. Someone might have one of these chugging around in their garden or on a big table in their basement or attic.

This locomotive is the smallest. You might play with one this size on a table in your garage or maybe around a Christmas tree.

This locomotive is big. It can pull just a few real cars on real tracks. You might see one at a factory or in a museum.

This locomotive is bigger. It can pull heavy freight cars. You might see one pulling several big passenger cars on a tourist railroad.

This locomotive is biggest. You're most likely to see one in a museum, but once in a while one pulls an excursion train full of people who love old steam locomotives.

These locomotive are small, smaller, smallest, big, bigger and biggest. Do you have a favorite?

Are there other words you could use to compare sizes?

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