What's in those railroad cars?
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Did you ever notice that there are many different kinds of railroad cars and do you ever wonder what they carry inside? Let's take a look.

Sometimes words and pictures give us clues about what is inside. Here are a few examples. Can you tell what is in each of these cars? Move your mouse over them to find out if you are correct.
Would you like to create some freight cars of your own? Here are drawings of different kinds of cars. Print the ones you like and then put words and pictures on them so people will know what is inside.

Click on each car you want to print. A larger image will appear, just right for printing.

Caboose Open Hopper Car Crane Car High Side Car Gondola Automoblie Carrier Covered Hopper Car Flat Car Container Car Tank Car Invent Your Own Car Livestock Car Intermodal car Box CarLog Box Car

Have fun! Be creative. You can make up whole trains using the cars you make and the locomotives from the Railroad Names and Colors activity.

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