Meddybemps Miniature Village Christmas Market
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A cheerful Old World tradition is reflected in our newest miniature village set, the Christmas Market. We were inspired by the colorful markets that appear in towns and cities across Europe in the weeks leading up to Christmas.
In our market, you will find stalls for wooden gifts like nutcrackers, Nativity scenes and ornaments; toys; refreshments like mulled wine and hot chocolate; and baked goods like gingerbread, cookies and marzipan. There's even an extra booth where woodcarvers demonstrate their craft.

Click on these images to open PDF files of the individual market stalls:
Pastries & Cakes Hot Drinks Toys Wooden Gifts Wood Carvers
We've modified our design to make assembly easier. Tape (or glue) is no longer required. You'll find more tabs and a better bottom closure. As soon as we can, we'll rework our earlier structures.

2007 Jerry Jindrich. Revised 1/24/2016.
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Susan and I hope these little structures will add to your enjoyment of the Christmas season. Although these obviously represent commercial shops, their products contribute to the fun and excitement of the holiday.

Merry Christmas from Jerry and Susan Jindrich and!

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