Moon Marble Company
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Bruce Breslow looks like a toymaker should look.

By his smiling eyes, bushy mustache, and gentle manner, you know he knows how to have fun and that he just might share his secrets with you.

At first, Bruce made wooden toys and game boards in his shop in Bonner Springs, Kansas, just west of Kansas City. A search for marbles to go with some of the toys led to opening a marble store. Learning how to work with glass to make his own marbles led to demonstrations of his artistry for visitors to the store.

Soon, schools were scheduling field trips to the Moon Marble Company for their students to learn about marbles and see them made. Word spread and people came from far and wide to visit and shop.

If your travels take you near Kansas City, make a short side trip to Bonner Springs and drop in (Tuesday through Saturday).

See Bruce's collection of antique toys and watch a demonstration of marble making. Pick out some marbles for your children, grandchildren, or yourself (surely you've lost some over the years).

Surrender to the urge to buy something from the large collection of unusual, old-fashioned, and classic toys.

Kids of all ages love this place!

This is no big box chain store. Moon Marble Company is one of those rare treasures that make you smile because someone is going to the trouble to be creative and original and fun. Buy some marbles. We did.

Bruce and part of his antique toy and game collection.

Some marbles made by Bruce.

A big screen TV helps visitors see during demonstrations.

According to Bruce, the glass melts at 1250 degrees and is drippy hot at 2250 degrees. Marble making is impressive to watch.

Young shopper selects marbles. Moon Marble Company sign.

Visit The Moon Marble Company website ( to learn more and to shop online.

The Just For Fun page leads you to rules for marbles games and a series of images showing how Bruce makes an Allen Swirl.

Don't miss the Marble Info page if you have forgotten (or never knew) the various marble types and sizes.

Moon Marble Company
600 East Front Street
Bonner Springs, Kansas, USA 66012-1122
Phone: 913-441-1432

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