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What could be more fun than a room full of puppies? How about a room full of young children investigating, playing with, and "chewing on" new words?

Word Puppies offers a novel approach to introducing words and it's FREE! You can easily adapt the idea to fit your students' needs and your teaching style. Try it.

We prepared a sample lesson built around eight words. The words are printed on "dog bones" for you print, cut out, and place in a "dog bowl". Print sets of smaller dog bones for the children to use. Let them cut these out, if you like. You will find sets of bones with our sample lesson's words on them and blank sets for you write on when you create your own lessons.

Miniature "dog houses" are an optional element that adds interest for the children. These have to be printed on 8.5x11 sheets of sturdy paper. They require adult skills to cut, fold and insert tabs to assemble. There are five colors to choose from and you or the children can write their names over the doorways.

Materials list:
Squeaky toy
Word bones (large and small)
Dog houses
Dog dish or bowl
Pictures, cards, or book containing lesson "story/pages"
A word wall (Draw the side of a large dog house?)
Lesson Preparation:
Distribute dog houses. Store them on a shelf or table when not in use.
Put large word bones in dog bowl.
Have a squeaky toy ready to squeeze.
Have a story or pictures ready to show.
Have word wall available.
Have small word bones ready to hand out.

Suggested Lesson Sequence:
Squeeze squeaky toy to signal time for Word Puppies game to begin.
Gather children.
Name and hand out the day's large word bones to selected/volunteer helpers.
Read through and show the "story" or series of pictures, using day's words.
Invite helpers to put bones in bowl when they hear the word used.
Alternate action: Invite helpers to put bones on the word wall.
Review words and hand out small bones for children to put in their dog houses.

Various Reinforcement/Play Ideas:
Invite children to use new words.
Invent instances where children could...
"Shake" their "paws" when a word is successfully used.
"Beg" for....
"Sit" when...
"Dog treats" could be given when...
Most children are familiar with dog and puppy behaviors.

Have fun!

Large Blank Word Bones Small Blank Word Bones Sample Lesson Materials
Green Dog House Red Dog House Blue Dog House Magenta Dog House

We appreciate your comments. Do you like the Word Puuppies approach?
Did it work well in your classroom? Did the children have fun?
Email Jerry and Susan Jindrich at bananas@meddybemps.com.
Thank you.

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