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New: After you plan your zoo, go on Safari to see animals in their natural habitats.
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You are a Zoo Planner. You decide where the animals go.

Arrange them any way you want. Click on each animal and drag it into the zoo. Be serious or silly. It's up to you.

When you are finished, look at all the people waiting near the gate. You can move them around, too.

There are signs at the bottom of the picture. There is one for each kind of animal. You can put the signs by the enclosures if you want to.

You could print a picture of your zoo. Maybe you would like to write a story about it. Use your imagination. Monkey around.

After you plan your own zoo, would you like to see pictures of animals in their natural habitat?

A zoo is a place full of wonderful creatures. People brought them there so you could be amazed by the different animals' shapes, sizes, colors, sounds, and behaviors. Zookeepers take care of the animals and help you learn about them so that you can appreciate them.

The best zoos provide spaces to make the animals comfortable, but zoos have to have walls and fences and cages to keep you and the animals safe. To see animals in their natural habitats, you have to travel to where they live in the wild, and for many amazing animals, that means Africa.

Imagine seeing herds of impala and buffalo, discovering a leopard hiding in tall grass, and watching giraffes amble through the countryside. Marvel at the Kudu's amazing horns. Look at the Hippopotamus's eyes, ears, and nose peeking out of the river. See hundreds of penguins at the ocean's edge. Go to Jeremy and Nicole's African Safari and see why no zoo can match these animals' natural habitats.

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