Cuckoo's Clockworks
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Come in. Come in.
Welcome to Cuckoo's Clockworks!

I'm Weebit Cuckoo. I enjoy inventing and building things.

Today, I'm making toy cars and trucks, but I need some help. There are so many bits and pieces on my workbench that I've forgotten which part belongs to what. Would you like to help me put them together?

Click on my workbench to get started.

I am always working on new ideas. Click on the pictures below to play with some of my favorite toys and see some my best inventions. You can also meet two really interesting people. One liked clocks so much when he was a boy that he grew up to be a clock repair man. The other made wooden toys and thought marbles were so interesting that he learned how to make his own.

Talking Dolls Collapsing Critters Jack-In-The-Box Car and Truck Matching Pet The Prairiedogs
Pet The Prairie Dog Toy
See if you can pet them before they disappear into their holes.
Car and Truck Matching
Match fronts and backs of vehicles to find proper matches or just to have fun.
Jack-In-The-Box Toy
Use your mouse to "turn the crank" and make him jump out of the box.
Collapsing Animals Toys
"Squeeze" the bases and watch three animals "dance" around.
Talking Dolls
Pat the dolls and read what they have to say.

Moon Marbles Bill's Clockworks Holiday Light Show Cuckoo Clock Submarine Adventures
Submarine Adventures
See inside the sub, go for a dive in the Deep Blue Sea, and help Weebit count fish.
Animated Cuckoo Clock
See the cuckoo bird and tiny train working on this big clock outside Weebit's Store.
Holiday Light Show
Play with six amusing light displays. You are in control.
Meet Bill Stoddard
He taught himself how to fix his first clock when he was 10 years old.
Moon Marble Company
Bruce Breslow made wooden toys and learned how to work with glass to make marbles.

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