Fun with Letters
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Meet Tippity Witchet, Weebit Cuckoo, and Frogwart at the Alphabet Soup Cafe.
Join them for lunch and learn about letters of the alphabet.
Explore all of our unique tools for beginning readers and writers.
Some will be perfect for your child.

Learn to draw letters Create a scrapbook Study shapes and features Go to the Cafe Notes for parents and teachers
Please take a moment to learn how to use this resource.
Learn about individual letters.
Join the Letterary Society. Discuss shapes and sounds of letters and see them in use.
Study letter shapes and features.
Learn why all As don't look alike.
Create a scrapbook.
Collecting letters can be fun and very helpful.
Learn to draw letters.
Watch Spinner the writing spider draw each letter.

Alphabet Soup Cafe Model A playful way to learn new words Find letters Young Writers Workshop Notes for parents and teachers
Type and arrange letters
Use one of our Easter Egg-tivities to create words on your screen.
Start writing stories.
Encourage your child to dictate or write stories with our Story Starters.
Spot letters at work in words.
Missing Letter/Busy Letter is a novel way to practice letter recognition.
Play with new words.
Build young vocabularies with our Word Puppies tool.
Build a model of the Alphabet Soup Cafe.
Print, cut, and assemble a model of this "letterary" landmark.

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