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Do you see any letters of the alphabet in the animals shown above? Would you be surprised to learn that all of the pieces in these "drawings" are individual letters? Although the main reason we have letters is to make words, sometimes you can do silly things with them.

Letters come in interesting shapes, sizes and colors that you can use like building blocks. Tippity Witchet has put some together to make these animals, but you can make anything you want. It's fun! It's easy, too, if you just use your imagination.

Cut letters out of the newspaper or magazines or anywhere else that is OK with parents or teacher and start taping or pasting them together to create your animals. If it's really hard for you to cut out the letters, ask an older person for help. Cutting is the hardest part of this activity.

The pages below show the letters Tippity used to make her animals. You can print them, cut out the letters and make the same animals she did or maybe you would like to make yours look different.

Tippity's examples

If you don't want all of your animals to be black and white, you can trace or draw letters and color them.

Don't worry if you can't find just the right letter for some leg or mouth or an elephant's trunk. Draw it. If your animal needs some fur or a long tail, you can draw it. We're just having fun with letters and there are no rules.

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