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Shapes with Harry and Larry

A Game of Opposites

Jolly Penguin Matching Game Animal Counting Game
Crocodile Smiles Rainbow of Frogs Silly clowns Paper chain story Match hats Match animal parts Match vehicle halves Fun with Trains Spatial Concepts Fun with Fire Engines Follow Pirate maze Jack-in-the-box Work puzzles Find and count eggs Count pumpkins Count fish

Building Skills

These activities are especially appealing to preschoolers. They help children build and strengthen a variety of basic learning skills. Each page includes simple instructions for use.

Many activities can help strengthen more than one skill. On one day, you could talk about colors. On another day, you could use the same page to count items or discuss what the characters are doing or might do next.

It's likely that your child will find some activities easy and others difficult depending upon his or her level of development in each area. Learn more about the sequence of skills development in the Parent's Guide or Teacher's Guide sections on this site. The guides will help you understand how one skill is built upon another rather than suddenly learned at a particular age or moment.

Preschool Activities Collection
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Shapes with Harry and Larry
Weight, Length and Size
Steam Engines, Big and Small
How Long Is That Train?
Working with Color
Magic Paint Brush**
Crocodile Smiles
A Rainbow of Frogs
Match Colors of Fish
Spring Colors
Missing Letter/Busy Letter NEW
Animal Count
Easter Egg Hunt*
Easy Fish Counter
Count and Sort Pumpkins*
Language Skills
Missing Letter/Busy Letter NEW
A Game of Opposites
Spatial Concepts
30+ pages of examples
Print animals for hands-on positioning
Moveable Animals With Dog House*
Moveable Animals (Different Sizes)*
Moveable Birds*
A Game of Opposites
Main Page
Simple Animal Puzzle*
Reef Scene*
Fire Engine*
Big Truck*
Observation and Discussion
Fun With Fire Engines
Fun With Trains
Emotions/Making Faces
Make Pizza Faces*
Silly Clowns
"Carve" Pumpkin Faces*
A Paper Chain for Edgar and Andrew
Small Motor Skills (Controlling a mouse)
Easter Egg Hunt*
Decorate Easter Eggs*
Decorate Eggs w/Magic
Collapsing Critters
Talking Dolls
"Carve" Pumpkins (Whole faces)*
"Carve" Pumpkins (Face parts)*
Sort Pumpkins *
(See Puzzles for more motor skills activities)
Jolly Penguin Ice Cream
Click-Me Creature
Fun With Hats
Cars and Trucks
6-Card Matching Game*
8-Card Matching Game*
Match Colors of Fish
*Requires a Flash 4 Player (or higher)
**Requires Flash 6 Player

Preschool and primary favorites Fun for All Ages
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