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Note: we did not realize that the interactive art for the Pet, Flower, and Costume shops was appearing very small on the screen when viewed in the Firefox browser. We have corrected that problem and apologize for disappointing our visitors who use Firefox. The other shops were fine all along.

Step inside the Costume Shop Step inside the Flower Shop Step inside the Pet Shop

. . ...
Help customers pick pets in the Fur, Fin & Feather Pet Shop.
Step inside the Pet Shop
... . ...
Choose a vase and arrange flowers in Merry Tulip's Flower Shop.
Step inside the Flower Shop
... . ...
Help Edgar and Andrew try on costumes in the House of Costumes.
Step inside the Costume Shop
... . .

Be a Zoo Planner
Organize zoo animals. Put up signs. Welcome visitors.
Decorate cakes. Arrange a display window. Build your own bakery.
Put toppings on pizzas for customers or make your own.
Deccorate Christmas Tree
Select and decorate Christmas trees.
. . .

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