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Tippity Witchet looked at the picture and smiled her biggest smile. "What a lovely drawing, Margaret! You are a fine artist."
Margaret felt a little better. "It's a picture of your house," she said. "A boy at school said it was awful."
"Stuff and Nonsense!" said Tippity. "Art is art. We all see things in different ways and we all find our own ways to show people what we see. I see my house and I like the way you've drawn it."
"With lots of practice, some people develop great skill at drawing or painting, but that doesn't mean their artwork is any better than yours. Everybody is different and Art is for everybody."
"I know what. Hold hands. I'll show you what I mean." They all held hands and Tippity waved her magic wand around in the air.
In the time it takes to wink your eye, Tippity, Margaret, and her Mom disappeared from the windmill house and appeared near the fishing boats at Brightside-by-the-Sea.
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