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Here they found a man sitting on a little bench. He was drawing a picture of two fishermen who were working on their boat.
Tippity whispered, "This is my friend, Uncle Dot. He paints lovely watercolor paintings."
Uncle Dot heard her and turned to greet them. "Hello, ladies," he said.
Tippity Witchet introduced Margaret and her Mother to Uncle Dot and showed him Margaret's drawing.
"Well, this is nice!" Uncle Dot studied the drawing and said, "I like the way you showed all the flowers in Tippity's garden, and that's a very cheerful sun in the sky. Art is such great fun, isn't it?"
Everyone agreed that it was.
"Look here," said Uncle Dot. "Why don't all of you sit down and draw or paint with me for a while? I have lots of art supplies. Use whatever you like."
Margaret's Mother said "Oh, I can't draw well at all, but the rest of you, please go ahead. I'll watch."
"Nonsense!" said Tippity as she found some colored pencils. "Of course you can. I'm going to use pencils myself. Margaret, what would you like?"
Margaret chose markers and her Mother picked out a few bits of colored chalk, something she liked to draw with when she was a child. In no time, everyone was busy drawing and painting.
People stopped by to see how they were doing and said nice things about their work. The artists listened to sounds of seagulls overhead and the creaks and thunks of the boats rocking on gentle waves. They smelled ropes and nets and fish and the sea itself. They were having a splendid time.
Later in the afternoon, the smells of suppers being cooked in nearby houses made the artists hungry so they agreed to stop for the day. They tacked their art onto an old board and stepped back to see what each other had done.
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