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Hello, children. Let's go see what wonderful things we can find on the beach. Kick off your shoes and follow me. If your parents or teachers are coming along, make them go barefoot, too.

Shells are fun to draw and paint. Here are examples, plus line drawings for you to decorate or color.

Help find hidden shells in this simple point and click game. Learn why some shells should be left at the beach.

... . ...
See photos of shells, sea urchins, sea stars, sand dollars, birds, and crabs. Learn why going to the beach can be like going on a treasure hunt.
Where do shells come from? Discover the amazing underwater world of mollusks.

See a dozen different kinds of birds, an assortment of other critters, and, believe it or not, kangaroos on the beach in Australia!

Show off your collection. Drag and drop your favorite items onto this shadow box.

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