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Lore of the Bean
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Screen Beans
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(From Hollywood, London and Cannes)
African Bean, The (1951)****
Sweet tale of romance between prim missionary lady and coarse boat captain on a dangerous river voyage to escape from jelly bean pirates.
Beanfire of the Vanities (1990)**
Tough-as-nails lawman, Beanie Fyfe breaks down after backing squad car into Aunt Bean's kitchen, starting fire that engulfs house, two apple pies and a peach cobbler.
Bean Geste (1939)****
Falsely-accused brothers flee to join French Foreign Legion, instead form the Beangal Lancers, establish a small vineyard near Calcutta and sell a popular rose'.
Bean-Heath, The Planet of the Apes (1970)***
Apes, tired of discriminatory behavior by humans, hijack space shuttle, blast off to find their own place in the solar system. They unwittingly crash in England and claim Bean-Heath for their capitol. Zany ending includes cameos by members of the Royal Family.
Bean Hur (1959)****
Spectacular screen version of popular book about a hard-driving charioteer. See vintage Poster.
Beanji (1974)***
Cute tale of dog who goes bonkers on sugar high after wolfing down five pounds of jelly beans.
Beanjour Tristesse (1958)***
Foreign film with enigmatic title: "Bean jar. Tisk-tisk".
Beany & Clyde (1967)**
'50's TV puppet teams up with '30's bank robber.
Bedtime for Beanzo (1951)**
Silly comedy about a chimp and a future U.S. president.
Fried Green Beans (1992)*****
Sweet, heretofore untold tale of Mrs. Green Beans during hard times in rural Georgia.
The Unbearable Lightness of Bean (1988)*
Documentary on Harry Hubeani spends too much time trying to disprove feats of levitation.
Mutiny on the Beanty (1935)*****
English ship sent to collect jelly bean plants from South Pacific islands runs into rough seas for Capt. Bligh when he learns Christian is a spy for the Beaneluxe Countries.
Of Human Beandage (1964)**
Based on the classic Somerset Maugham novel of a young doctor and his obsessive quest for jelly beans.
The Clan of the Cave Bean (1986)***
Rollicking tales of bean tasting in prehistoric times - thought to have inspired the Canterbury Tales.
The Days of Beans and Roses (1962)****
Wrenching story of beanoholics - superb acting.
The Importance of Bean Earnest (1952)*****
Based on Oscar Wilde's terrific play which some have called "The most perfect British comedy since the Reformation".
The Importance of Bean Earnest Goes to Camp (1987)*
Awful, twisted remake of the original classic.
The Song of Beanadette (1943)***
86-year-old spinster wins sixty-five million beans in Illinois Lottery and buys recording studio.
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