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Lore of the Bean
Beano Sapiens
Beans in History
Screen Beans
... . ... Unforgettable Tunes
Pop, Rock & Golden Oldies
Alexander's Ragtime Bean
Bean Barrel Polka
Begin The Beanguine
Dry Beans ("Dem beans, dem beans..." etc.)
Eleanor Rigbean
It's Bean A Hard Day's Night
I've Bean Seeing You (In All The Old Familiar Places)
Let It Bean
Love Me Tendril
My Beanie Lies Over The Ocean
Tendril Is The Night
The Beans of Saint Mary's
We Beans, Workin' On The Railroad
Beanlandia by Jean Sibelius
Brandenbean Concertos by Johann Sebastian Bach
Fantasia on Beans Leaves by Vaughn Williams
Opera & Ballet
A Midsummer Night's Bean by Beanjamin Britten
Carmen by Georges Beanzet
Madama Butterbean by "Poochie" Puccini
The Pirates of Beanzance by Gilbert & Sullivan
Broadway Shows
Impossible Bean from Man of La Mancha
My Favorite Beans from The Sound of Music
Seventy-Six Trombeans from The Music Man
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