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Welcome to the Chateau Meddybemps learning activities on Color. Join Frogwart Witchet (disguised as a frog - that's her with the hat) and her colorful friends in four exercises designed to help your child develop important observation and thinking skills.
These exercises are grouped by levels of difficulty. Remember that one child will develop a particular skill sooner or later than another child, but all will go through the same developmental stages. Your child may breeze through all of these exercises or may have some difficulty. Be patient. Try these pages again a few days or weeks from now or invent your own exercises.
Reinforce what your child can do at each stage of his or her growth. Make children feel good about what they can do. They'll be happy to grow for you.

NEW for offline use: Download and print twenty 8.5x11-inch pages to use at home or in the classroom.
The set contains the same questions shown on pages one through three, plus three pages showing frogs in different colors and poses for any activities you choose. The set costs only $4.99. For more information and a preview, visit our Meddybemps Store page.

Group One: Seeing Differences between colors.
Below are four pictures of frogs on logs.
The question below applies to each picture.

Two of these frogs are the same color.

Do you know which ones they are?

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