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Group Five: Interactive color selection and patterning.
Here are three interactive execrises. The first invites you to point to frogs of particular
colors with the computer's mouse. The names of colors will appear beside the frogs
(to help children associate the written words with the colors).
The second activity asks you to move specific frogs to either the log or the lilly pad.
The third activity invites you to experiment with color patterns using colored frogs and a grid.
(The last two activities require a Flash plugin to operate.)

Can you name the colors of these frogs?

Point to the yellow frog with your mouse. Point to the green one.
Point to the red frog. Which one is purple? Where is the blue frog?
Where is the orange frog?

Let's play Move the Frogs with the pictures below.

Can you move the red frog to the lilly pad?

How about putting the yellow and green ones on the log?

Maybe the blue one should be on the lilly pad
and the red on on the log.

Where would you like to put the orange one?

Can you put the purple frog between the yellow one
and the green one on the log?

Let's arrange frogs.

Drag frogs to the grid and arrange them in different ways.
Try making patterns. Make a frog quilt. Just have fun.

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